Panda Green Energy Group

Investment Year : 2017
Region : China
Headquarters : Hong Kong
Sector : Renewable Energy - Solar

The Company

Asia Climate Partners L.P. (“ACP”) closed on March 20, 2017 an investment of US$25 million into Panda Green Energy Group Limited (previously known as United Photovoltaics Group Limited) in form of equity and warrants, which is part of a joint-investment alongside with ORIX Asia Capital Limited and the Company’s largest shareholder China Merchants New Energy Group. Panda Green Energy is the only listed platform under China Merchants Group engaged in the investment and operation of solar farms and renewable energy business. As of June 2018, the Company has 67 grid-connected solar farms with total capacity of 2,061.6 MW in 16 provinces in China. Almost all the solar power plants owned and controlled by the Group and its associates/joint venture are ground-mounted, with a small portion of them being roof-top type. The Group strategically develops and acquires solar power plants to achieve predetermined minimal rate of return and selects its solar power plants based on a combination of factors, including solar irradiation of the site, applicable feed-in tariffs, government subsidies, conditions for local grid connection, electricity transmission infrastructure and demand for electricity. The Group will also continue to explore good opportunities for growth outside the PRC, such as those countries along the "Belt and Road".

Company’s Solar Farms in China

Panda Green Energy Cloud-based Power Plant Monitoring System

Panda Solar Project