Investment Year : 2016
Region : Indonesia
Headquarters : Scottsdale, USA
Sector : Energy Storage

The Company 

NantEnergy, formerly Fluidic Energy, is dedicated to accelerating the orldwide transformation to clean, reliable energy through its innovative and intelligent energy storage solutions. Enabled by groundbreaking battery technology and smart-grid intelligence, NantEnergy designs, manufactures and markets long-duration energy storage solutions globally. As the first company to deliver rechargeable zinc-air battery technology in high production volumes, NantEnergy has over 120,000 batteries globally with its industry leading whole product approach. NantEnergy continues to build momentum as the long-duration energy storage leader, installing systems worldwide that increase reliability, functionality and surpass cost targets necessary for practical energy storage adoption. While meeting market needs now, NantEnergy is paving the path for the smart, sustainable and accessible grid of the  future.